Our Vision for the Community

A Shared Vision for the Future
"The community vision, as a framework, can guide community leaders and residents toward 
developing a unique and vibrant community."
Lathrup Village Master Plan 2009

The City of Lathrup Village takes a holistic approach to community and economic development planning. Combined in the documents below you will see how the City's vision for its future influences everything from improving quality of life through Complete Streets programs to defining the "Lathrup Village style" in commercial areas along Southfield Road through Design Guidelines.  
Master Plan and Corridor Improvement
2014 Master Plan Update
The Lathrup Village Master Plan was passed by City Council in 2009 and has guided the City through the many changes it has made to prepare for the future. 

Preferred Alternative Plan for Southfield Road Corridor
Memo - Southfield Road Environmental Assessment
The reconstruction of Southfield Road has been in the planning stages for over ten years.  In 2017, the city's Planning Commission affirmed their support of the preferred alternative plan. The city continues to work collaboratively with Southfield, Beverly Hills, and Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) to secure funding to implement this plan. 

Access Management Plan for Southfield Road Corridor
This drawing include green dots placed on every entrance/exit onto Southfield Road that could be closed following the installation of a backage road system to deliver customers to business owners.

Village Center Concept
Downtown Development Authority
Development and Tax Increment Financing Plan


Form-Based Zoning Code by ClearZonin
Lathrup Village Zoning Code
Zoning District Map
Complete Streets For Lathrup Village
Amendment to the Master Plan
Non-Motorized Transporation Improvement Plan