Available Properties
Check out the opportunities for investment in Lathrup Village. This list is always being updated as new information becomes available. Contact DDA Director Susie Stec for more information.

Business Licensing
All businesses in Lathrup Village need to be licensed with the City. This not only keeps us informed about which businesses are operating in the City, but also allows us to tailor our business development services to meet the needs of the business operators located here. Click on the above link to find out more.

Development Grants
The Downtown Development Authoity has programs designed to assist businesses and property owners improve the look and utility of the Downtown District.

Downtown Development Authority
The mission of the Lathrup Village Downtown Development Authority is to create an accessible
village center that brings life to our vibrant, diverse community, supporting economic
development. The DDA functions to assist businesses and property owners in the District by combining public and private resources to provide an attractive and pedestrian-friendly environment where residents and visitors enjoy a welcoming, attractive community. To help achieve these goals, the DDA adopted the Main Street Four-Point Approach in 2013 and is currently in the process of growing and managing its downtown.

Our Vision
"The community vision, as a framework, can guide community leaders and residents toward 
developing a unique and vibrant community."
 -Lathrup Village Master Plan 2009

The City of Lathrup Village takes a holistic approach to community and economic development planning.

Starting a Business

The CIty of Lathrup Village is a great place to locate a business whether its in a commercial district or your very own home.  Why Lathrup Village?  Well, as the old real estate adage goes- location location location!  Conveniently located at the major transportation hub of I-696 and Southfield Road Lathrup Village is one of the easied communities to get to in Metro-Detroit. No other community can offer you the unparallel exposure to existing and new clientele.