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Survey - Water Service Line Material


Water Service Line Material Survey

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For the health and safety of our residents, the City of Lathrup Village is required to determine your water service line material. This aids in identifying if there is possible lead exposure in drinking water which may cause health risks. That is why the City of Lathrup Village is tracking where lead water service lines exist within our community.

We have beautiful historic homes here!  We recognize that some homes were built up to 100 years ago. But this also means that our records are not always complete. We are asking our residents to help us to determine if your water service line is lead, copper or galvanized steel. 

lead water service line


There is a simple online tool created by the National Public Radio (NPR) that will guide you in determining if your water service line that connects to your water meter is lead, copper, or galvanized steel.

There are only a couple of steps and all you will needs is a coin and a magnet. To take a picture, a cellphone is recommended.

QR LV Service Line Material Survey

If you have a lead or galvanized water service, the City of Lathrup Village will be required to replace the water line at no cost to our residents.

If you are unable to perform this task, the City will be required to verify your water service material and will need to schedule a time to inspect your water meter.

By using the tool and sharing your information, you will be helping our Department of Public Services and for that we thank you!

 Thank you for your input!  For questions, contact the City of Lathrup Village at 248.557.2600.