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City Council  has decided to put the question to residents as to whether cannabis facilities, as outlined in the adopted ordinances, should be permitted in the city. This item will appear on the November 2022 ballot. 

 Below is a link to the application, as well as links to city documents referenced.  Questions may be directed to Susie Stec, Director - Community & Economic Development at sstec@lathrupvillage.org
Cannabis Business License Application
2021 Comprehensive Master Plan
2021 - 2026 Capital Improvements Plan
Side Street Parking Concept

Recreational, Adult-Use Cannabis

At the recommendation of the Marijuana Study Group, City Council directed the Planning Commission to draft ordinance language and evaluation criteria for adult-use, recreational cannabis.  Upon completion of these documents, City Council will make a determination whether these types of businesses may be permitted in the city.

On July 20th, Planning Commission held a public hearing on the draft cannabis zoning ordinance language. Following extensive public comment during the meeting, as well as written comments submitted in advance, the Planning Commission voted to recommend City Council adopt the draft cannabis zoning text amendments as written.  City Council took action at their regular meeting on Monday, July 26th and the ordinances went into effect in August. 

Adopted Ordinances - July 26, 2021
2021 Cannabis Business Chapter 18, Article  VI
2021 Cannabis Zoning Ordinance
July 26, 2021 - YouTube Video Council Meeting

Public Comments & Feedback

Knowing this is an important decision for our community, the city held a Cannabis Open House on May 26th. This in-person event was meant to provide residents with an opportunity to learn about the proposed ordinance, ask questions, and provide their feedback. The information from the Cannabis Open House remained on display at City Hall until June 21st and is also linked below. Residents are encouraged to submit feedback on the comment cards provided or email Community & Economic Development Director Susie Stec at sstec@lathrupvillage.org.  All comments are compiled into memo which is updated regularly and provided to Planning Commission and City Council.  The city also put together an Cannabis FAQ page to address many of the common questions and concerns.

2021 Cannabis Open House Posters & Information

Primary Cannabis Caregivers
On February 8th City Council and Planning Commission took action to regulate Primary Cannabis Caregivers operating in the city. Primary caregivers are regulated differently from recreational, adult-use cannabis. More information on the Primary Cannabis Caregivers ordinance amendments may be found by clicking here
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In the meantime, please contact Community & Economic Development Director Susie Stec at sstec@lathrupvillage.org with any questions.