City Council

City Council

Council Meetings
  • 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted
  • First and third Monday of the month
  • City Hall, 27400 Southfield Rd.

Agendas & Minutes - 
Municode Meetings - information available at: 
- Meeting Agenda
- Agenda Packets
- Minutes
- YouTube Video of Meetings.

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Kelly Garrett Mayor   Term Expires 11/2023 248.557.2600, ext. 285
Bruce Kantor Council Member Term Expires 11/2021 248.557.2600, ext. 286
Ian Ferguson Council Member Term Expires 11/2021 248.557.2600, ext. 287
Dawn Medley Council Member Term Expires 11/08/21 248.557.2600, ext. 288
Saleem Siddiqi Council Member Term Expires 11/2021 248.557.2600, ext. 289


The City Council has five members on the council, one of which is the Mayor. The Mayor is elected among the council members and serves as Mayor until the next council election. The City General Election is held every two odd years. The council terms are two and four year terms. The two candidates with the highest votes get four year terms, and the next highest get a two year term.

The agenda is prepared the Thursday before the Monday of the meeting and is posted on the bulletin board in City Hall. All residents are encouraged to attend council meetings and will be given the opportunity to address the council during the section on the Agenda called Petitions.