Mixed Recycling Launch

Changes are coming to Lathrup Village’s recycling program as the Southeast Oakland Resource Recovery Authority (of which Lathrup is a member) converts to “mixed recycling.”
Click http://www.socrra.org/recycling.shtml for more information.

What is “Mixed Recycling”?
Currently SOCRRA collects materials in two streams – paper, and everything else (plastic, metal, glass containers), requiring recycling drivers to separate the two. Mixed recycling is when all recyclables can be mixed together in both the recycling container and recycling truck. 

Carts are coming
SOCRRA will provide 65-gallon carts for recycling collection to all single-family households in SOCRRA communities, including Lathrup Village. Carts will replace the bins currently used. They will be delivered to each home this summer. The exact date is still to be determined.

Why switch to carts for recycling collection?
SOCRRA is making recycling as easy as taking out the trash! Proven benefits of switching to carts include more recyclables collected, increased convenience for residents to fit all their recyclables into one container, increased safety for workers, and potential cost savings. More materials diverted for recycling will increase revenue sharing for member communities thereby reducing disposal costs.

More Information
Check this site for updates.
Check SOCRRA’s site for updates: www.socrra.org.
Review the article in the summer edition of “Your Town.”
A sample cart is on display in the City Hall lobby.