City Council Approves Cannabis Primary Caregivers Ordinance

At a combined meeting of the City Council and Planning Commission on Monday, February 8th, City Council approved amendments to the zoning ordinance to provide reasonable regulations and standards for Cannabis Primary Caregivers operating in the city. Most notably Primary Caregivers will now be required to locate in the Office District along 12 Mile Road and adhere to standards related to noise, odor, security, permitting, site plan review, and business licensing.
Prior to enacting these ordinance amendments, properly registered Primary Caregivers could locate anywhere in the city, most often in our neighborhoods. To help better understand the differences between Primary Caregivers, Medical Cannabis, and Adult-Use (Recreational) Cannabis and why the city took action to adopt these recent zoning ordinance amendments, the city’s planning consultants have put together a brief presentation which may be found here.
The full zoning ordinance amendment text may be read here. The Planning Commission is still in the process of drafting language for future consideration of a recreational cannabis ordinance, which would require approval by City Council, following a public hearing. Should you have additional questions please contact Community & Economic Development Director Susie Stec at or 248.557.2600 ext. 223.