Lovin' Lathrup Village Business Relief Mini-Grant Program

The primary goal of the Lovin’ Lathrup Village Business Relief Mini-Grant Program is to provide immediate, flexible funding in order to stabilize our small businesses as they seek to weather the economic storm of the coronavirus pandemic. These are incredibly unprecedented times, which require innovative and flexible approaches to business stabilization and retention activities. Like everyone else, businesses are struggling with the current “normal”, trying to anticipant the new, emerging normal, while dealing with unprecedented costs of reopening. If our overall goal to foster a thriving commercial district, then the DDA must be prepared to help cover operating costs to overcome this unprecedented emergency facing Michigan downtowns. Program Guidelines and Eligibility The Loving’ Lathrup Village Business Relief Mini-Grant Program is an incubator program meant for small, “mom & pop” businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The mini-grant funds may be used for a broad spectrum of operational expenses including, but not necessarily limited to: rent/mortgage, utilities, payroll, marketing/promotion, etc.

The application can be downloaded here.