Santa Barbara Water Main Project
PHASE II                                        Aug 2020

Dear Resident,

In early August, the City of Lathrup Village will continue the construction of a new 12-inch diameter water main along Santa Barbara from 11 Mile north to Roseland, east on Roseland to Bloomfield, and north on Bloomfield to 12 Mile.

The phase II work will commence just north of Alhambra and work north to Roseland then along Roseland from Santa Barbara to Bloomfield then north of Bloomfield to 12 Mile. A new connection is also being made on Bloomfield from Roseland south to Eldorado.  It is expected to complete the work around October 1st, 2020.

Your water service should not be disrupted except for the connections to the new water main or if emergency repairs are needed during construction (existing water main breaks). Residential homes along Santa Barbara and Roseland will be reconnected to the new water main. If your water service will be shut-off, you will receive a notice from the City prior to shutting off the service (unless it’s an emergency repair).

At times, you may encounter brown water.  If this occurs, please run the cold water at all your faucets starting with the basement faucet until the water clears up.

During construction, Santa Barbara and Roseland will be closed during the day with traffic detoured along the side streets.  Driveways along Santa Barbara and the south side of Roseland may be impacted for a short duration while the water main is being installed.  A temporary aggregate patch will be installed so you can use the driveway.

Trash pick-up and mail delivery should not be affected by this work.

There will be times when no work is happening due to the weather or testing requirements.

The City appreciates your patience and understanding during this process and will work with the contractor to minimize the impact to the residents as much as possible.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Department of Public Works at (248) 557-2600 or the City’s engineering consultant, Scott Ringler at Giffels Webster at (248) 852-3100 (ext 280) or .