Starting a Business in Lathrup Village
Why Lathrup Village?
The CIty of Lathrup Village is a great place to locate a business whether its in a commercial district or your very own home.  Why Lathrup Village?  Well, as the old real estate adage goes- location location location!  Conveniently located at the major transportation hub of I-696 and Southfield Road Lathrup Village is one of the easied communities to get to in Metro-Detroit. No other community can offer you the unparallel exposure to existing and new clientele. 

Beyond Lathrup Village's geography, this highly visible community offers progressive zoning that creates vibrant live/work/play opportunities along areas formally designated for commercial space only. Embracing this change puts our community in an elite league of Cities.  
Our Downtown Development Authority and City Staff  are ready and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you find yourself here.  We have collected some information and links to help you go from brainstorm to storefront. Please also see our guide to Starting a Business in Lathrup Village for step-by-step instructions on our process.