Sign /Facade Grant
  • Contact the Lathrup Village DDA by calling the DDA Director or City Clerk at (248) 557-2600, to receive a Sign / Facade Grant Application Packet before any work is done, or any signs are installed.
  • Complete and Submit the Sign / Facade Grant application and attach all required information and items. Applications can be submitted to the Lathrup Village DDA at:
    27400 Southfield Road
    Lathrup Village, MI 48076

    Applications once submitted with all required items will be reviewed by the DDA Director. The DDA Director may grant approval of the application if, in the opinion of the Director, there are no issues requiring consideration by the DDA Board.
  • A completed Sign / Facade Grant application must be submitted for approval and considered by the DDA before the proposed work commences. The DDA may not approve a Sign / Facade Grant for work that has been constructed and installed prior to consideration by the DDA.
  • Based on funding availability, individuals submitting designs that are approved by the DDA will receive a Grant Funding Commitment Letter from the DDA. (You must also complete and submit a Sign Permit Applicationor Building Permit Application prior to performing any work or erecting any sign.)
  • Following receipt of the Grant Funding Commitment letter, petitioner should arrange for construction and installation in accordance with the approved design. (Note: The DDA must authorize any changes from the approved design in advance, in writing, or the DDA may withdraw its funding commitment).
  • Upon completion of installation notify the DDA that the work has been performed and provide the proof that a final inspection has been done by the Building Inspector and that the project has been paid for in full and provide a paid invoice and cancelled check.
  • The DDA will disburse Grant funds directly to the applicant following a DDA inspection to verify that the work is consistent with the approved Grant application and plans.
  • Approved Grant funds are available to the applicant for one year from the date of the Grant Funding Commitment letter.