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DDA Sign Grant

Design Guidelines
Business Signs
All designs, construction, installation, and demolition must conform to the City of Lathrup Village Ordinance, all building codes and the DDA Sign and general Design Guidelines. 

Business signs are one of the most prominent visual elements in a downtown and are an integral part of doing business. Store fronts and building facades are the first business card provided to a potential client or customer. These elements provide the individual business with identification, give information about the products sold, and project the image of the business.
Common Problems
The main purpose of the business sign, which should be foremost in mind when designing a sign, is to help the customer find the store. Common problems with many downtown signs are their excessive size and inappropriate placement on buildings.
What Your Sign Should Have
As a visual element, each business sign should enhance the image of the entire downtown as well as the individual business. A good business sign should express a simple, clear message. Graphic symbols and icons are generally effective means of clear uncluttered communication. 

Lettering styles, color of sign, and sign materials should harmoniously complement the facade on which the sign is placed and the adjacent buildings. In addition, the size, location and the design of the sign are important in effectively communicating to the customer.
Sign Types
A variety of different sign types may be appropriate in the DDA area, including, but not necessarily limited to:
  • Ground Signs
  • Signs on Awnings
  • Wall Signs
  • Window Signs 
Additional Information
  • Illumination of signs 
  • Sign color, material, and lettering styles