Approval Criteria
Approval of applications shall be based on the funds available with priority given to sign applications in the following order with Category 1 being the highest priority and Category 4 the lowest. Within each category applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.



Category 1 - Non-Conforming Signs The removal and/or replacement of any non-conforming sign.
Category 2 - Dilapidated / Worn-out Signs The replacement of worn out, rusted, broken and un-maintained signs with a sign meeting the requirements of this program.
Category 3 - Other Signs New signs or conforming signs whose owners wish to upgrade the appearance and/or style of the sign.
Category 4 - Previous Recipients Businesses who have received a grant in the preceding 36 months.

Please note: Any sign paid for with Grant funds, that is removed within the first three years after Grant Award - for a business that is still operational, shall require the repayment to the DDA of Grant Funds expended.