Site Plan Review
Conceptual Review (Recommended) Application and Procedure

An applicant may file a written request (see link to form above) for conceptual review of a preliminary site plan by the planning commission, prior to submission of a site plan for formal review. A site plan submitted for conceptual review shall be drawn to scale, and shall show site development features in sufficient detail to permit the planning commission to evaluate the following: 
i.             Relationship of the site to nearby properties
ii.            Density
iii.           Adequacy of landscaping, open space, vehicular drives, parking areas, drainage, proposed utilities
iv.           Conformance with city development policies and standards.

Conceptual review fees shall be paid according to the fee schedule established by the city council. No formal action shall be taken on a site plan submitted for conceptual review, and neither the applicant nor the planning commission shall be bound by any comments or suggestions made during the course of the conceptual review.

Formal Review Application Requirements

The Application for Site Plan review (see link to form above) must be submitted along with other required Information for formal Site Plan Review pursuant to Sec. 6.1.4 (C) Site Plan Review:
1.            A minimum plan review application fee of $ 500.00
2.            In escrow the required consultant review fee
3.            Three completed and signed copies of the Application for Site Plan Review 
4.            Fourteen individually folded copies of the site plan
5.            Proof that the plan has been submitted for review to governmental agencies that have jurisdiction over any aspect of the project.

Standards for Formal Site Plan Review

Site Plans will be reviewed based upon the limits set forth by the Zoning Ordinance. Specifically Sec 6.1 Site Plan Review outlines required items for review by the Planning Commission.  For your convenience the required items have been compiled into an easy-to-use checklist.  Prior to making any application to Planning Commission for Site Plan Review, please read and understand Article 6.0 Development Procedures of the City’s Zoning Code. 
Formal Site Plan Review Procedure

  1. Optional pre-application conference with City Staff
  2. Optional conceptual review by Planning Commission with Recommendations
  3. Submission of Final Site Plan for Formal Review
  4. Determination of compliance by City Reviewers.
  5. Planning Commission Formal Review and Action per Zoning Sec 6.1 (unless other approvals are required)

i. Approval  
ii. Approval subject to conditions (such as a special land use, variance, etc) 
iii. Denial 
iv. Tabling with a request for additional information to be provided