Planning Commission

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission was established in 2007 and consists of seven (7) members, who serve 3-year terms. The Planning Commission is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the Master Plan, Capital Improvements Plan, administration of the zoning ordinance, formulating proposed policies on growth and redevelopment of the City.

Currently, there are no vacancies on the Commission. 

Key Accomplishments of the Planning Commission

Meetings and Minutes

Planning Commissioners are volunteers who are appointed by City Council for 3 year terms. According to City Ordinance, the Planning Commission “shall consist of five to seven members, four to six of which shall be qualified electors of the city and who shall represent insofar as is possible different professions or occupations and one member of city council.”

  • Mark Piotrowski, Chair
  • Bruce Copus
  • Jason Hammond
  • Charo Hulleza
  • Bruce Kantor, City Council liaison
  • Les Stansbery
  • Anna Thompson