Rodent & Pest Control
Record number of Rat/Rodent sightings…
While a mild winter makes Michigan more livable for you and I it also benefits rats and other rodent as well. This year has been one of the worst in recent memory for rodent sightings across Metro-Detroit. Every where from Bloomfield Hills to Livonia to the downriver communities have seen their rat and rodent populations and sightings increase. Lathrup Village has not been exempt from this population boom. 
Don’t Invite Unwanted Guests
  • ALWAYS store garbage in cans with tightly secured lids.  Even a small bit of a discarded food can be a feast to a hungry animal.
  • Keep compost contained in a sealed container and do not let brush or grass build up on your property
  • Bird feeders don’t just feed birds!  Rodents and other small animals love bird feed as well.  In the past it became such a large problem that feeders were banned from the City
  • As temperatures begin to cool animals will seek warmer areas. 
  • Unraked leaves, tall grass, and unstacked wood all provide shelter for animals against the elements.
Local Rodent & Pest Control Companies
The City's Animal Conrol policy only covers the capture and/or removal of dogs and cats.  Any rodents (such as rats, groundhogs, chickmunks, or skunks) would have to taken care of using a privately contracted exterminator. The City Office or its staff does not and will not recommend a specific contractor to you. 

Elite Pest Management
Lathrup Village belongs to a consortium of communities, including Birmingham, Berkley, Huntington Woods, and Royal Oak that cooperated in compiling specifications and soliciting the services of qualified contractors for residents to contact in case of problems with rats or other nuisance animals. Should you need these services, please contact Elite Pest Management at (877) 422-3284 or at their website The City does not participate in any cost sharing of animal disposal.