Drinking & Driving
GTSAC - Governor's Traffic Safety Advisory Commission
Buckling up Could Save your Giblets.  Thanksgiving 2018 Holiday Travel.

During the 2016 Thanksgiving weekend 341 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes nationwide.  Tragically, 49% of those killed were not buckled up, representing an increase in seat belt use compared to the same weekend in 2015 when 52% of those killed in traffic crashes were unrestrained.  Click here for more information.


In 2017, Michigan experienced an 8% increase in alcohol and/or drug-related traffic fatalities, which now represents just over 40% of all traffic deaths, the highest percentage the state has recorded in more than 10 years. Michigan law enforcement officers routinely arrest more than 60,000 people for drunk driving offenses annually.  During the 2017 Labor Day holiday in Michigan, 15 people died in alcohol related traffic crashes.

In 2016, 1,064 people died and over 10,000 were injured in alcohol and/or drug-related crashes on Michigan roadways. In 2016, almost one in five children (14 and younger) killed in traffic crashes were killed in drunk-driving crashes.

Lathrup Village drivers and pedestrians have a right to be free of the threat of drunk drivers. Drunk driving kills, and we must work to eliminate this problem.

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