City Administration


The City Administrator is responsible for the efficient administration of all City Departments, ensuring all laws and ordinances are enforced, development of an annual budget, and maintenance of an accounting system that shall conform with the laws and generally accepted accounting principles.

Executive Staff 
Sheryl Mitchell official pic 2018a

Dr. Sheryl L. Mitchell
City Administrator

248-557-2600, ext 225


McKee Scott Chief Lathrup Village  PKG  E

 Scott McKee
 Police Chief 
248-557-3600 ext 232


Pamela Bratschi resize

 Pamela Bratschi 
 Treasurer &
 Assistant City Administrator
 248-557-2600 ext 227


Yvette Talley resize

 Yvette Talley
 City Clerk
 248-557-2600 ext 226



Arron Carlton resize

 Arron Carlton
 Deputy Treasurer
 248-557-2600 ext 221


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Susie Stec
Manager, Community & Economic Development
and DDA Director
248-557-2600, ext 223 


Christopher Clough (2)

Christopher Clough
 Parks and Recreation Coordinator
 248-557-2600 ext 224


Jim Nelson resize

 Jim Nelson
 LVTV Cable Operations 
 248-557-2600 ext 234


Administrative Assistant
248-557-2600 ext. 222


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Kelda London
Assistant, Government Operations or
248-557-2600 ext. 237


Additional Information 

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